We’re SuperNatural, a new AAA video game studio that doesn’t do normal. Founded by Steve Rechtschaffner and Larry LaPierre, two creators of multiple award-winning, 90+ rated AAA games, we’re excited by ideas so epic that only the collective curiosity of our convention-bucking crew could discover them. We have this thing about fun — the kind of blissful nonviolent fun that leaves your jaw on the floor.

In fact, that’s exactly the kind of game we’re making right now. We have partnered with a major AAA games publisher, but can’t say much about it—yet. That’s why you won’t see any game images or read specifics about our current work on this site. But trust us, when we get closer to launch, you’ll hear all about it.


We always ask ourselves one thing: what unexpected elements would make a gaming experience more exciting and entertaining? The kind of fun you can’t see coming because you didn’t know it was possible until it pops up and smacks you in the face and makes you smile until your cheeks get tired.

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We start with a vision of a fun, first-of-a-kind experience. Then we go beyond. Way beyond. We extrapolate, imagine and explore the undiscovered corners of art, music, culture and creativity to create something entirely its own: an unforgettable journey of discovery that gamers couldn’t even conceive.

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We’re tapped into what gamers love, but we make it our mission to explore every avenue imaginable to inform and enlighten our work. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate surprise and delight, to spring ideas and insights you never saw coming. Inspired by everything under the sun, we aim to redefine what’s next, what’s about to be culturally relevant, and what’s never been tried.

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