Our Story


SuperNatural Studios was founded in 2020 by Steve Rechtschaffner and Larry LaPierre, two industry veterans with decades of experience building award-winning Triple-A games, and with reputations for prioritizing collective creativity to carve out entirely new territory.

From day one our culture has been defined by the same principles that brought Larry and Steve underdog success in the corporate machine: questioning trends, refusing limits and rethinking conventions. Our leadership style has always been about trusting our team’s curiosity and calling upon a panorama of backgrounds, passions, perspectives, skill sets, and levels of experience. We come from a place full of heart and excitement, intent on discovering what’s yet to be done and bringing a human touch to create highly inclusive, commercially successful, universally acclaimed gaming experiences.

These principles lead us to very carefully selecting our publishing partner, a world class AAA games publisher who believes in our vision, provides all the support we could ask for, and gives us all the creative freedom we could ever dream of. And we dream big.

We’ve never been where we’re headed. No one has. That’s what makes the journey so exciting.

SuperNatural is intent on being a hothouse for gaming’s most creative and influential minds, on providing space for talented people to demonstrate their depth as part of an empowered, diverse team of today’s and tomorrow’s talent. We’re committed to building a following of devoted gamers who look to us for our infinite curiosity and obsession with excellence to discover the next never-saw-it-coming, can’t-put-it-down experiences you can’t wait to share with friends and friendly strangers.



Our industry has become characterized by reactivity. By a formula of give them what they want, do it fast, and do it again. Cultural impatience has perpetuated a pattern of repeated experiences and the feature-chasing mindset of sameness.

Driven by our culture of fun and commitment to curiosity, we have a unique opportunity to break the cycle. To reject the over-systemized and under-thought. To embrace the new and the different. To explore new ground, lay new roads and runways, and create experiences that lead not just to unexpected places, but to destinations that don’t yet exist.